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  • Use Skipforward internal namespaces for ontologies (xmpp://
    • this way people can create own ontologies, and ontology management/evolution can be done similar to facts synchronization
  • Facts/graph synchronization idea
    • every peer implements
      • String getDiffForNamespace(String namespace, String haveHash, String wantHash)
      • String getMostCurrentHash()
      • String isValid(String hash)
      • String getPubkey()
      • ? subscribe(?)
    • logic: once a day, every machine dumps its 'own' facts to an NTriples file along with a timestamp and the data's hash
    • when peers call getDiffForNamespace(), a diff from haveHash.dat to wantHash.dat is calculated and sent
    • Distributed Storage
      • simple distributed storage (without signatures) with trust can be implemented usind getMostCurrentHash and isValid
      • distributed storage with signatures can be implemented with getPubkey (using a true keyserver might be desirable though)
      • optimized push synchronization could use some subscription mechanism. Integrate with XMPP pubsub?
    • Ontology evolution/rules
      • rules that upgrade existing facts could be added to the diff file